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Bushcraft FAQs

1. How fit do I have to be?

Being physically fit you will gain in the weight of achievement of the course.

2. Do I need to bring my own food?

No, all food is provided. Vegetarians and vegans are also welcome, but please let us know this and any food allergies when booking.

3. Is there a first aider on site?

Yes, there will always be at least one qualified first aider on site.

4. Will I live off the land?

No, at this stage. We do not offer any courses where this is possible, although seasonal wild foods will always be included and wild meat (Venison, Rabbit, and Hare) which have been previously hunted may be on the menu.

5. Who will be leading/assisting on the course?

Annette Stickler will be leading all the courses, having an assistant to help. Guest instructors of specific skills occasionally join the team too.

6. Can I bring alcohol?

Sorry no, we hope you appreciate that alcohol and Bushcraft do not mix well.

7. Will the course be cancelled if it’s raining?

Definitely not. In our experience the students who have learnt the most are often the ones who have camped in bad weather. No moaning please.

8. Where can I light fires?

We found the best way is to get to know a local owner of a coppice. Our woodlands are crying out to be worked. Learn to coppice then offer your services voluntarily so you build a good rapport, and then just ask.

9. What washing facilities are available?

Health and hygiene are always important. There are washing facilities in the form of the camp shower and washing bowls.

10. I don’t have a tent, do I need to buy one? In addition, what else do I need to bring?

No, you do not need to buy a tent. A full kit list will be sent with the joining instructions, but as you will  discover, Bushcraft does not have to be expensive to take part.


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