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Campfire Skills

Annette Stickler began teaching “Campfire Skills” in 1999. This was initially with young people teaching them about nature and bushcrafts. Today she instructs groups of all ages and also individuals.

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Campfire Skills can become part of your own teaching programme. Whether you are a school, college or university establishment, daily visits can be arranged. Courses range from hourly sessions on specific skills to week long activities. Flexible teaching to meet each student's needs and all taken part outdoors.

All equipment is supplied and to hand. All food and cooking ingredients are included. Campfire Skills certificate of achievement is awarded on completion.

Maximum class size: 12 students

Instruction for Disabled Students

Whatever your abilities, Campfire Skills value your individual talents.  With encouragement and guidance this is a chance for you to achieve something special with Bushcraft. As you will discover, Campfire Skills will build your self esteem and confidence. The real life skills you learn will help you on your journey to achieve your full potential.

Annette has knowledge and experience of working closely with people with ADHD, Tourettes Syndrome, Aspergers Syndrome, Dyspraxia. If you have a learning difficulty or a physical disability we will work around it. With the support of your staff we can design tailored courses to meet your needs. We can also travel to your own site.

One To One Bushcraft

Campfire Skills one-to-one tuition can be arranged to learn specific Bushcraft skills. A two day course would include accommodation is either in a traditional Sioux tipi or in a timber frame house. All equipment is provided and at hand. Food is supplied.

A one off or regular lessons can be arranged.

Private Courses

Whether you are a Scout group working towards a Bushcraft skill, or a group of friends who just want to learn and practise together, private courses can be arranged covering specific lessons.



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Bush Craft Skills

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