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Bushcraft Courses

"A journey of discovery"

Campfire Skills courses are a journey of discovery that will give you a greater connection with the natural world. The skills you will learn will not only contribute to your daily life but enrich your understanding of living with nature.

Nature will captivate and enrich your life

You can learn outdoor cooking, greenwood carving, how to experiment with natural materials, make once forgotten primitive artefacts, learn the tools which will take you further and watch the whole biodiversity of the woodland come alive around you. "Learning with Campfire Skills is the key which will open the door to the wilderness".

More details can be found on the course pages (see right hand menu).

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An Insight into Bushcraft
Traditional Family Bushcraft
The Campfire Skills Expedition
Young Peoples’ Bushcraft
Primitive Skills & Basketry
Wilderness Cookery

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Bush Craft Skills Courses

Annette Stickler was UK Course Leader, Bushcraft Instructor and
Assistant for “The Ray Mears School Of Wilderness Bushcraft”.

Today she runs courses on
Campfire Skills
Insight into Bushcrafts
Traditional Family Bushcraft
Campfire Skills Foundation
Young Peoples’ Bushcraft
Primitive Skills & Basketry
Wilderness Cookery