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Imagine stunning views across the South Downs, in a Beech woodland on a summers day - well that's our main site location, thanks to Angus.

The South Downs

This area is undulating chalk downland. The site being located near the South Downs Way - a popular National Trail, with easy access off the path, we walk straight into the woodland.

The area is abundant with wildlife and the whole area leaves you wanting to come back again and discover more. Up to 50 species can be found per square yard, these include: Salad Burnet, Round-Headed Rampion, Scabious, Squinancywort, Cowslips, Purple Spotted Orchids.

With the plants come the bees and the butterfies which include: Silverspotted Skippers, and Adonis Blues. And let's not forget the moths, snails and the grasshoppers. The varied species of birds which choose the South Downs for their home include the Rooks, Skylarks, Kestrels and woodland species like the Spotted Fly Catcher, Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, and the Wren. Mammals complete the web of life.

The rock formation of the South Downs are made up of sediments of freshwater lakes and seas many millions of years ago, and with time on its hands and with the earth`s movements have created a natural wonder of a huge dome 125 miles long and 50 miles wide for us to enjoy today. The top layer, being chalk, is eroding away naturally though, and this process can be seen. Surprisingly to some that flint, a remarkable material, can be found across the Downs and became one of our most important of "nature's tools" for our own development and with practise, this rock can be turned into basic scrapers to the finest refined arrowheads.


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