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Bivvy Bags for the Homeless

The Campfire Skills Foundation is recycling and collecting second hand and ex army bivvy bags to hand out to the homeless of London. This act has only come about through the research of working with the homeless people this year in London and the fact remains that a high percentage of homeless people are “sleeping rough” without the use of a bivvy bag.

What is a bivvy bag exactly and how will it help?

A bivvy bag is basically a light weight material bag that is weather proof which the sleeping bag goes into, in doing so it increases the temperature of the sleeping bag quite dramatically for the outdoor sleeper. This outer layer is a mobile shelter, keeping you and your sleeping bag warm and dry.

If you would like more information about the homeless or to donate a bivvy bag or make a donation please contact me on tel: 07817 202 755

Thank you very much for your support. I look forward to hearing from you,



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Start A Tree Chain

Trees make wonderful gifts, so why not give a native tree sapling as a gift with one rule- if the person accepts the tree gift from you, that person also agrees to give another tree sapling onto someone else, and that that person too will then also give another tree gift onto someone else....... and so on and so on.

Just think how many trees we can plant by just starting up a tree chain.

. Tree-Chain
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"The aim of the Campfire Skills Foundation is simply to provide a service and educational programme where young people have access to be involved with nature."

The first branch is on "how to use a knife as a tool not see a knife as a weapon." In a time where knife crime is now escalating out of control, we believe that the Campfire Skills Foundation is needed to promote the knife as a tool.We can visit your school, club or young peoples organisation to give talks, demonstrations, and lessons in knives. Visits to the woodland campsite here in Hampshire can be arranged also.

By nature young people have a natural fascination with knives, through the Campfire Skills Foundation we teach that the knife is not dangerous by itself, but it is the hand that holds it.Knives are not going to go away, just think about all the professions that use "sharps" on a daily basis...some of these people are butchers, gardeners, vets, farmers, surgeons, plumbers, chefs, carpenters...the list goes on.So we have to learn to live with knives and respect them for what they are, tools.

Course content

  • A knife is a tool not a weapon
  • Knife designs
  • Safe handling of a knife
  • How to use a knife when woodcarving
  • Making practical bushcrafts with a knife
  • What to do when you cut yourself with a knife
  • Preparing fish and wild meats with a knife
  • Taking care of a knife when not in use
  • Knife sharpening
  • Knives and the Law
Campfire Skills Foundation

With special thanks to James Koch
from Mora of Sweden for donating
the knives which are used in
the education programme

For more details please contact me on
Tel: 0781 720 2755

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