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Petite Bivvy Bag

From Campfire Skills

Annette rarely camps without a bivvy bag. Having a starlit sky for your roof, this piece of kit will allow you to sleep in the open. The Petit Bivvy Bag is an outer layer which is waterproof and will increase the temperature of your sleeping bag, so you can sleep warm.

Having experienced the all-weather effectiveness of Ventile jackets, Annette used this high-specification fabric for her new Petite Bivvy Bag. In this lightweight, durable fabric they are ideal for outdoor professionals as well as enthusiasts.

The Petite Bivvy Bag is hard wearing, waterproof and windproof. 

A made to measure service is available. Care instructions come with the Bivvy.

Tip: Place your insulation mat inside the bivvy bag, this will
prevent you rolling off it!

Material: Dense weave Ventile cloth
Velcro pocket: To store a mozi net or keys etc
Draw string hood: For extreme weather
Two wrap around ties: For making packing simple
Colour: Olive green
Weight: 640g
Size: 70cm x 190cm
Size when packed: 10cm x 20cm
Cost: £99.00
P&P: £3.10

To Order
Tel: 0781 720 2755
Fax: 0148 958 9092

. Campfire Skills Petite Bivvy bag

The Campfire Skills Tripod Stand

A favourite activity with groups, there is nothing better than a good brew to raise moral. The Campfire Skills Tripod Stand can be easily packed away in your Landrover when not in use.

Whether you are a scout group or expedition traveller, you will be surprised at just how much you use this piece of kit. It is well worth its weight and is hand forged.

Note: Kettle not included.

Description: Adjustable chain and hook
Material: Steel
Weight: 3.646kg
Size: 130cm
Cost: £85.00
P&P: £14.75

To Order
Tel: 0781 720 2755
Fax: 0148 958 9092

. The Campfire Skills Tripod Stand
The Campfire Skills Wannigan Box

What's a Wannigan?

A wooden storage box used to keep your kitchen utensils and food in when not in use. For the 4x4 expedition traveller, canoe paddler or weekend camper. No buckles, hinges or other man made gadgets and gizmos which can break and go wrong, only a leather strap which neatly secures the box lid on and once tied with the correct knots, you will not need to untie the leather strap to open the box- now that’s magic! This is a very old design that was used by native Americans, French voyageurs and mountain men for carrying a heavy load when on portage overland, having the canvas against your forehead allows you to balance the box on your back for ease of transport.

Instructions on how to tie the leather strap comes with the Wannigan.

Note: I can add a small wooden chopping board which is fixed under the lid as an extra feature, but please ask when ordering.

Larger Wannigans are also made on request.

Wannigan Box: Made from English Oak or Birch
Size: 32cm x 40cm
Height: 24cm
Finish: Skilled craftsmanship using dove tail joints to connect the sides and varnished to create a unique finish.
Cost to make Wannigan with leather strap: English Oak - £165.00
Birch - £140.00
P&P: £20.00

To Order
Tel: 0781 720 2755
Fax: 0148 958 9092


. The Campfire Skills Tripod Stand
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